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The Arizona Chemical Group LLC has been in existence for the last 23 years (Incorporated in 1997) and is owned by Leo Renello, a Former Board-Certified Entomologist. Leo has resided in Arizona for the past 40 years and has owned his own Pest Control Company for the past 35 years.

Leo has developed an innovative cellulose technology which he has incorporated in many other molecules to reduce the amount of AI in the finished product as well as to lower the use rates required for efficacy in pest control.

Most importantly, many of Leo’s products are low in toxicity or in some cases non-toxic after the incorporation of his innovative cellulose technology.  These products still achieve the Efficacy needed to perform to label specifications.  All data and toxic studies as well as Field Evaluations were done in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and professional field evaluation guidelines.

Leo used the cellulose technology in the development of Fipronil-Plus-C in 2019.  Fipronil-Plus-C is EPA approved and you will note that the SDS sheet reads toxicity none.  Leo has also previously developed 14 other EPA approved labels with his cellulose technology; many of these were sold by Univar (Veseris) under their MasterLine product line.

It is with a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment that we now offer the innovative Fipronil-Plus-C as a new solution for the toolbox of Pest Management Professionals.



Leo Renello

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